August 25, 2009


I want to give you an update on the events in our journey from Day 8 to Day 12. Shelley gave a wonderful description of day 12 so I will continue with back at day 8!

On day 8 my sleep was interupted by puddles in my tent and heavy rain pounding down. We were rained out at the camp so we moved camp to a cabin north of Blind River on lake Duborne.  We caught up on our blog entries, articles and emails. Shelley was working on an article about our walk for Anishnabek News.

We contacted our cousin Tom Dumont and went to his house for supper. He lives on the shores of lake Huron in a cozy house with his wife Marlene. His house literally hangs over the shore of the lake and as I walked close to the floor to ceiling window I felt like I was floating above the surface of the waves.

We had a delicious lasagna dinner with garlic bread. Thanks for that Marlene!

We looked at photo albums and had lively discussions touching on a range of subjects like family, linguistics, philosophy, identity, mining, culture and the regional history. Tom had stories about the family and talked about his Grandma Dumont (my Great Grandmother). He talked about what a strong woman she was raising 12 children after her husband Octave Dumont died. She could be strong and stern but nurturing and gentle with her Grandchildren. I remember my mother (Rose) talking about her Grandmother, who lived on the Dumont farm in Carling Township and had a drawer full of cookies. I think I remember my mom talking about homemade ice cream with cream fresh from the cow. My mom loved her Grandmother.

Tom told me I looked like my mom and that I have “Dumont eyes”. I felt happy to have someone see my mother in me, my mom passed away in 1989 and I miss her often. I carried a little picture of her on this journey.

Tom said kind things to all of us and I was so happy to introduce him to my partner Laura!

All for now


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