August 25, 2009

On day 9 we walked from Blind River to Spragge.  On our way to the start point of the walk that day we revisited the bridge Mississaugi River Bridge at Mississauga First Nation. I wanted to get another picture of us on the bridge as well as attempt to walk across the bridge. I was shooting more video on the bridge and gradually walking out farther. I walked back off the bridge and Laura said to Gabe, “hey, what if you had to balance across on just the rails?” So Gabe started balancing on the rails and I walked beside him. We didn’t need any physical support from each other but I felt it really helped me to think I was supporting him as he balance beamed across and it helped that he was there for me. Gabe was so taking care and periodically asking me if I was okay. I made it across the bridge and I was so happy! I looked around at a spot where there were flat rocks and thought about the spot where Grampa would have had a meal with people cooking on the shore of the river. After taking some pictures we walked back across. I was so satsified to do it and I felt my visit at the bridge was complete.

We started our walk in Blind River and walked along trails that ran parallel to the trans Canada hwy. These trails were lined with berries-blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. We stopped often to get berries. It poured rain on us and we took shelter in the bush. The rain let up and the sun came out. Sun and rain, sun and rain…  Our trails took us along Lake Lauzon and across bridges over rivers. We saw interpretive plaques in French, English and Ojibway describing the logging history of lake Lauzon and the surrounding area.

At the end of our walking day we returned to the cabin to relax and make dinner. Yvon and Andre arrived for a two night visit. We all sat down to dinner and caught up, sharing stories of the past week with each other.

All for now.


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