August 25, 2009

On day 10 we walked from Spragge to Cutler. Andre joined us on our walk for this day, he was great company especially for Gabe. We walked east along the railway tracks. There were no roads to cross but there was one bridge. Up ahead of us, just before the bridge, we saw a black bear. He was following the tracks too. He looked back at us a couple of times but soon trotted down to the bush and we didn’t see him again. I started to get concerned about getting bck out to the highway from the train tracks in time for our ride back to camp.  Just as I started to wonder about getting to a crossroad or highway we noticed a trail. It was wide enough for a car and we figured it must lead to a road. We followed the trail to an area where there were high rocks on the left hand side. Andre climbed the rocks to see if he could see the highway. He called down to us that he saw a house and a driveway. We all climbed up and walked through the yard of a modern house and down the driveway to a road. We met two young men on the road and asked them where we were, they told us “Cutler” and asked where we came from? I explained the journey we were on they told us we were crazy to walk that far. I said thank you! and continued the walk to the highway. We walked for a short time along the highway to Serpent River First Nation and waited at the Pow Wow grounds for our ride back to the camp.

When we arrived back at the cabin Yvon made dinner for us while Gabe and Andre paddled across the lake to a high rocky hill/mountain. They climbed to the top where we could see them only with the zoom on my video camera. After a great dinner we sat on the back deck looking over the water, Laura fished off the dock and I watched the sunset.

Day 11 we moved camp to Chutes provincial park in Massey. Moving camp is lots of work but with the extra help of Yvon and Andre it went smoothly. Yvon and Andre said good bye to us from Chutes, Gabe decided he wanted to go home with them. I was sad and disappointed that Gabe was leaving but nothing could change his mind. He was happy he did the 200 km of the 250 km trek and that was enough for him. I am thankful for the connections I made with Gabe on this trip and happy I crossed the bridge with him. Shelley and I said our good byes checked out the water falls at Chutes before we continued our walk along the train tracks.

All for now


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