August 25, 2009

Note: this was originally posted Monday, August 24th.

WE DID IT!!!  We walked from Massey to Espanola today at a distance of 27 kms!  It was a beautiful sunny day, we saw a bear cross the road not far ahead of us, we heard whooping cranes cry out with their prehistoric shreeks, we bought butter tarts from a Mennonite family and ate lunch at their picnic table, we were honked at by a carload of Anishinabe women while we exchanged smiles and we witnessed the stunning remains of the mountains as we walked along Lee Valley Road.  The woman with the tarts told us Espanola was 15 miles away, and we thought, well, we have tomorrow to finish this journey if we don’t make it today.  Laura, our amazing Logistics Coordinator was scheduled to pick up us at 7:00 pm, and when she got there, we were on the outskirts of Espanola, but we wanted to continue all the way to Hwy. 6.  She went ahead to see how far it was and came back with one finger up.  One km!! We walked even faster with a couple of stops to video the water tower.  Laura went to the finish line and waited for us.  We talked about what we would do to celebrate and Lisa’s was the best suggestion: orange pop with ice cream; a creamsicle float!  So at approximately 7:30 pm, we made it into Espanola along Barber Road and Hwy. 6.    We’re on a high right now, not only achieving a personal best day of 27 kms, but also finishing the whole journey!

We’re heading back to the camp site, Chutes Provincial Park and plan a dinner of cheese dogs with pop around a bonfire.  We’ll rest our feet and talk about the stories of the day.  Pictures are forth coming.  Thanks for all your support, we appreciate it and it helped us along the journey.

(please read on for additional updates)

Lisa here, just want to add that we started this day 12 by visiting the Medicine Camp at Sagamok First Nation. I saw a sign on in Massey pointing the direction of the Medicine camp and realized that I might know a person or two there. Sagamok is just south of Massey on the shores of Lake Huron. We were happy to take a little time to visit with Edna Manitowabi and meet Cathy Bird there at the camp. After our visit we drove back to our start point in Massey and started our day of walking along Lee Valley Road towards Espanola.  A lady stopped her car to warn us of a bear up ahead on the road. I think Shelley explains the rest best in the writing above.

all for now


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