August 26, 2009

We slept in this morning, enjoyed leisurely cups of coffee and made a list of recommendations for the next Residential School Trek around the picnic table.  If anyone else in our family were to do this, this compilation will help them prepare and make the most of the trip from our experience.  Debriefing was great.  I love all the special gifts that we brought together to make this happen.  Camping with 2 cooks was incredible.  We ate really well, nutritious meals, even exotic meals!  I have never enjoyed so many condiments as I have during this trip.

The shower felt great this morning!  As we disassembled the tents and gear, I felt sad that our project, our time together was now coming to a close.  I am grateful for the amazing time I’ve had with my family, for their support and the role they are playing as I consider my next challenge.

I realize how peaceful the walk and camping was and how nurturing that was.  I think I’m going to camp more and be aware of having those quiet times, seeking that serenity.

I want to thank Laura for her integral role as Logistics Coordinator.  I so appreciated not having to make all those decisions about where we were going to camp or cabin, so I had more energy to walk.  I needed every ounce of it.  As she put it, the first day we walked into camp at Ojibway Park from Algoma U College, we “collapsed”.  Chi miigwech Laura for everything you did to support us on this journey.

Lisa- I love you my dear cousin, thank you so much for agreeing to walk with me on this journey.  I am so glad we could do this together and support each other along the way.  I’m grateful for the time together.

Gabe- thank you son for being the only great grandchild to join in on the journey.  It was great to do this with you and I hope this has broadened your horizons and given you strength to embark on other challenges.

Mary-Many miigweches for your at home support, setting up this blog for us.  I appreciate it being able to share this journey with others.  Thanks for seeing the importance of this aspect of the trip.

Yvon-Thanks for your support, the mid trip visit and the cooking.  It was great to come to the cabin after a day of walking and enjoy the wonderful meal you prepared for us.  It was great to have you drop us off and pick us up too.  Miigwech.

I know the teachings I have received on this journey will continue to reveal themselves.  I look forward to the film that will be produced from this Trek and being able to share it.

All my relations,


(note this was originally posted Aug. 25th)


2 Responses to “Shelley”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Congrats ladies and gent! I knew you could do it, and hopefully now you’ll have a few days to rest and absorb what you’ve just accomplished.

  2. Gail Says:

    Wow Grampa had such courage to do this trek and at such a young age. To learn more about his story from your trek is very inspiring and uplifting. Lisa, Shelley and Gabe you three have alot of courage also miigwech for sharing this with us

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